What kind of security would be provided?

  • Top of the line security shall be provided along with access c ontrol at the entry / exit gate of the complex and visitor’s pass will be issued by security at the lob by level.

When will the possession be given?

  • Possession will be given after four years, with a grace period of 180 days. (As per the terms & conditions mentioned in the provisional Allotment Letter.)

Who will maintain the common area? Do I pay anything upfront to wards common area charges?

  • The common areas/services shall be maintained by a designated Maintenance Agency on payment of maintenance charges.
  •  The Interest Free Maintenance Deposit is applicable, as per the payment plan.
  •  One year provisional common area maintenance charges will have to be paid in advance at the time of offer of Possession.

Is the basement common?

  • Yes basement is common to all. Parking rights in basement is to be purchased separately.

What are the stamp duty charges?

  • At present, it is 5% of consideration or the value of the property (whichever is higher) at the time of conveyance deed, as per applicable stamp duty act.


Is the price escalation free?

  •  Yes subject to the standards terms and conditions, the contracted price s hall be escalation free.

What are the various payment plans available?

Following payment plans are being offered:

  • Construction linked payment plan
  • Down payment plan
  • Partial down payment plan


What if there is a delay in payment on due date? Is any interest levied for the same?

  • All installments are payable by the due date. Any delay in payment beyond the due date will attract interest @12 % p.a. on the delayed amount for the delay period. However, in case any installment/part installment is paid ahead of its “due date”, an Early Payment Discount (EPD) @ 12% per annum shall be given by the company. This shall be adjusted in the next due installment.

Is the any compensation paid to be customer, if there is a delay in possession of the said premises?

  • Yes, the customer is entitled for a compensation of Rs. 15/ psf per month . (As per the terms & conditions mentioned in the application form)

Can I request for cancellation of allotment at a subsequent date? What are the financial consequences of the same?

  • A request for cancellation can be made at any time after booking. It may however be noted that the Earnest Money (10% of the total consideration) will be forfeited as the same is non refundable.